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Conestoga Student Housing

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We want you to feel
at home!

We are committed to providing safe, clean and affordable housing featuring a wide range of great features and benefits.

General Information about all of our listings:

  • Include on-site laundry facilities
    (Not-coin operated)

  • On the GRT Bus Route that goes directly to Conestoga College

  • All within walking distance of:
    - Zehrs       
    - Banks
    - Tim Horton's
    - Dairy Queen
    - Pizza
    - Drug store
    - Home Hardware 

  • All include lawn maintenance and snow removal

  • All Leases 12 months - May, September or January.

  • All units to accommodate 3 to 6 students  


Renters Guide                                                              

We provide prime student housing that we are confident you will feel at home in. It is important that you take the time to walk through your unit before you start to move in-just to make sure everything meets your standards. Filling in your checklist with your landlord will ensure that there aren't any surprises or discrepancies when you move out!

What every student should ask before signing a lease...

1. Are utilities included?
This is important to know. If theyíre not included your rent is likely to be lower and if you are careful about power and gas usage your costs will not be high. If theyíre included your rent is likely higher but you donít have to worry about what the utilities will cost.

2. Are there fire extinguishers and smoke detectors on every floor?
This is a safety issue. Make sure they are all working and never tamper with them, itís an offense under the Fire Code.

3. Does each room have its own lock?
Itís nice to have a lock to keep your things safe and sound.

4. What information does the landlord need from me?
The landlord will likely want key information such as your former place of residence, job history, home address, parentís address as well as personal information in case they want to do a credit check

5. How close would I be to amenities such as Zehrs, a bank etc?
Itís always nice to be within walking distance of essential stuff like Pepsi, chips and Kraft Dinner.

6. Is this home on the bus route?
Itís usually easier and cheaper to take the bus than to find and pay for a parking spot on campus.

7. Why do I need a guarantor?
Landlords often want to have someone else who they can contact if you donít pay the rent. Someone like your parents. It helps landlords sleep better at night.

Please feel free to look over our Move-In Checklist, and Link to Ontario Renter's website   

     Security Suggestions

  • How to protect yourself and you belongings

  • Always lock windows and doors

  • Don't give keys or lock combinations to anyone

  • Change lock combinations regularly or when in doubt



          The Tenant Protection Act





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